Uncovering and Resolving the Root Cause of an Issue

Hypnotherapy is very different to most other forms of therapy, in that using this modality can allow you to identify the root cause of an issue that you are suffering with. Most of the main issues we can struggle with began with what we can refer to as a sensitising event. I’m referring to issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, compulsive behaviours and the like. If the initial sensitising event occurred within the realm of conscious memory, then it is of course possible to identify the root cause through other modalities. However, if the initial event occurred earlier in life, before the onset of conscious memory, then it seems that the only way to identify this event is through hypnosis. This is because you are utilising your subconscious mind during hypnosis, and the subconscious mind holds the memories of every experience you have ever had, since birth (or even before). Conscious memories usually only go back to around age 5 or 6.

In my experience, most initial sensitising events connected to root causes of issues occurred very early in life, usually within the first days, weeks or months of life. The symptoms that led you to seek help may not have started that early, but the cause probably started way back then. Of course, further sensitising events may occur after this, which exacerbate the issue. We can refer to these as symptom producing events. One or more of these can occur, with the symptoms that you end up suffering with perhaps only starting to occur later in life.

One may experience healing to a certain level simply through talking through events that occurred within conscious memory, but in my opinion complete healing from an issue is unlikely to happen unless the initial sensitising event can be uncovered, followed by healing resolution work around this event while in a hypnotic state.

It is surprising how often issues go all the way back to the time of birth. One is able to re-experience this event in a hypnotic state, describing what is happening, who is there, and – amazingly – what individuals who were present were thinking, even if they didn’t voice what they were thinking. It seems that we are able to access knowledge held within the collective consciousness while in this state. It is startling to learn how often infants who have just been born are aware of the fact that either one or both of their parents wished them to be the opposite sex. This is often the start of an issue such as low self-esteem, of not feeling good enough, which can permeate into so many aspects of life. So – to those of you who are planning children in the future – embrace whichever sex your child may be, and rejoice in it. Raising a healthy, happy child is so much more important than whether they may be male or female.

Sometimes the birth was traumatic in some way, and the infant is fully aware of it, and affected by it emotionally. Sometimes either one or both parents do not want a child – the infant will be aware of this.

So, if you, or someone you know, is suffering from an issue such as those mentioned above, or others, consider hypnotherapy as a highly effective option to healing. Pretty much most issues in life can be resolved in this way. You also need relatively few sessions in order to identify the root cause and resolve it. Most issues only need an average of 3 or 4 hypnotherapy sessions, assuming one is consulting a properly trained hypnotherapist utilising these techniques in an effective way.