Frequently Asked Questions

During hypnosis you are always in control and no hypnotist can make you perform actions that are against your values or morals. You are in charge and will only consider suggestions that are consistent with your own internal values and beliefs. You will not do or say anything that you are uncomfortable with.
The answer to this question is “virtually everyone”. However, some are more readily hypnotisable than others. It will also depend upon one’s willingness to be hypnotised.
While amnesia may occur, people usually remember everything that occurred while they were hypnotized.
No – To be hypnotized you must be willing to participate. You are in control at all times and may choose to accept or not accept any suggestion given. In fact, you can choose to enter or leave the hypnotic state at any time.
Trance is nothing other than a natural occurring state that can feel no different from being deeply relaxed, like that feeling just before you fall asleep. In this state you can decide at anytime to just become more awake and alert.


Chantal is a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) and Parts Therapy Facilitator (CPTF). She studied through the South African Institute of Hypnotherapy (SAIH), and has an association with them.

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